Kids' Parties 

Children’s Parties at Busbridge Village Hall


Busbridge Village Hall is one of the most popular venues in the area for birthday parties and celebrations with children, toddlers and families because we offer:


Large, character hall with lots of daylight and heating in winter

Roomy kitchen with everything you need

Large, sunny, enclosed garden that’s 30m x 20m (max) - perfect for bouncy castles, outdoor games, gazebos, mini sports or just running around!

Extra lawn area to the side of the hall for even more fun!

Off street parking for 28 cars right outside the hall with level access, easy for prams and buggies

Great value and easy to book

10 tips to arrange a fun and safe kid’s party with no stress!


  1. As early as you can, decide possible date(s) to fit your main guests and check our availability. Weekend slots start to get booked up about 2-3 months in advance. Local entertainers and bouncy castle suppliers get booked up too so check their availability early as well.

  2. Contact us to hold a slot if you need some time to finalise arrangements before you commit to a firm booking. For a 2 hour party we recommend a 4 hour booking so you have plenty of time to bring and set up games, food and decorations, and to clear up afterwards.

  3. Come and visit to see what’s available and what you need to bring. You can do this any time but it’s probably best to arrange to visit at least a week before your party.

  4. Send out your invitations early to get an idea of numbers. It’s worth knowing which adults are going to stay for the party so you can…

  5. Plan for safeguarding which needs a little thinking ahead. Usually having enough adults around including drivers who aren’t drinking means you will be ready for the unexpected.

    • Be ready for any child having an accident and needing medical help

    • Children should be collected by someone they know. If a parent or carer doesn’t turn up to collect a child after the party, someone needs to look after the child until a parent can arrive or take them home.

    • The back garden is a good play area as it is fenced all around with a gate that can be bolted, so kids should not be able to reach the car park or leave the hall. Nonetheless, check the gate is shut when you arrive and keep at least one adult in the back while children are playing. If you arrange parents to bring and collect children via the side gate, ensure an adult is there at all times during drop off and collection.

    • If you have an entertainer or someone responsible for children who will be unsupervised, you should make sure they are DBS checked.

    • You can have a bouncy castle of any size in our back garden, but our licence means you cannot have one indoors under any circumstances. Accidents can happen very quickly on trampolines or bouncy castles so please see these extra details 

  6. Remember to pay the deposit for damage & cleaning at least 2 weeks before your hire.

  7. Collect the key – usually the Friday before your party.

  8. On the day

    • You’ll need to bring:

      • Drinking beakers or paper cups (we have jugs for drinks and trays)

      • Paper plates

      • Dishcloths, tea towels, detergent

      • A couple of £1 coins & 20p coins for the hot water meter – so you can wash up and everyone can wash hands. 

      • Tea/coffee/refreshments for mums, dads and helpers

      • Your party food

      • In summertime, you can put up a gazebo on the back lawn, or you can use our large tree for shade.

      • Electric extensions if you want to play music outside.

    • We provide:

      • Cleaning equipment: brooms, dustpan & brush etc

      • Jugs for squash or water

      • Kettles, a large urn and plenty of mugs & plates for adult drinks & snacks. We have plastic kids' cups and plates that you can use, but there may not be enough for your whole party.

      • For parties with babies, you can set up a baby changing station on a table in the disabled toilet.

  9. Enjoy your Party! The only things you can’t do are to have a barbecue, sparklers, fireworks, candles on birthday cakes, or any other naked flames inside or outside.

  10. After your party you’ll need to:

    • Clean the kitchen, sweep the hall, wipe up spillages, check all toilets and clean them as needed 

    • Check all doors and windows are closed

    • Take your rubbish and recycling home. We only have a small bin and no recycling.

    • Drop the key off with us

    • If anything does get broken such as a glass, we prefer you replace it rather than we charge you for it.

    • We will check afterwards and assuming everything is clean and undamaged your deposit will be returned in 3-4 days.

Bouncy castles

Our back garden is great for bouncy castles but you cannot use them inside. We also need 3 things before you bring a bouncy castle:


  1. You need to complete our disclaimer form so you understand the risks of injury to children and take responsibility for them
  2. We need a copy of the PIPA Certificate for your bouncy castle. This is like an MOT certificate for bouncy castles and every commercial hirer will have them
  3. We need a copy of the hirer’s public liability insurance certificate.


Although items 2) and 3) are needed for our insurance, having them will also give you peace of mind that the equipment you hire is safe.

Teenage Parties


Sorry but we can’t host parties for teenagers.

Have any Questions?


If you have any more questions about hiring our hall, feel free to contact our bookings secretary at 01483 348 348 or email at


For more information on our contact details, visit our Contact page.

£84 kid’s weekend party package!


2 hour party + 1 hour for set up + 1 hour pack away

Includes hall, kitchen, gardens, car park, cloakrooms, pre-event tour (to plan your party)


Check availability here and enquire at or call 01483 348 348.