How to Book

Booking Fees

Weekdays Saturdays Sundays
Time Before 6pm 6pm to
8am to
6pm to
9am to
6pm to
Parties and
1-off events
Minimum 4 hours
£130 £19/hour
Min 4 hours
£150 parties
£100 charity events
Min 4 hours
Min 2 hours
Minimum 2 hours
Minimum 2 hours
Min 2 hours

Our hire charges include:

  • The main hall,
  • Kitchen (including appliances, crockery and utensils)
  • Enclosed garden/play area
  • Side lawns
  • Car park
  • Wi-Fi
  • Piano 
  • Cloakroom
  • And all other hall facilities.


After your hire we will check the hall for damage and cleaning, then usually refund your deposit within three days.

Regular Hire & Clubs


If you have interest in booking the hall for a regular event or club, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. A reduced Saturday evening Hire Fee of £87.50 applies for regular hirers (i.e. hiring the Hall more than once per month) and for those holding charity fundraising events

Bouncy Castle Use


Bouncy castles are a lot of fun and our large back garden means you can have one as big as you like!

3 things are needed to comply with our licence and insurance conditions:

  1. Bouncy castles can only be used outside, never inside the hall.
  2. Before your party, you will need to fill in and return the bouncy castle disclaimer form to show you understand and take full responsibility for the risks.
  3. You will need to ask the castle owner for a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance Certificate and PIPA Certificate (a safety check like an MOT for cars) and send us copies. You’ll probably want to see these for your own peace of mind too.

What You Need to Know


We have just a few basic rules to protect your safety, look after the hall and help you have a great event!

   Before Your Event


  • Read our Guidance for Hirers and Covid-19 Risk Assessment.

  • Get a licence from Waverley council if you want to sell alcohol at least a month before your event

  • Send us the paperwork if you want to have a bouncy castle

  • Pay your Damage Deposit 2 weeks before your booking

  • Check your home insurance policy covers your liability for any injury or damage

   After the Event



  • Ensure the curtains are open, lights and heaters are switched off, and all windows and doors are secured closed
  • Ensure all decorations are completely removed, including any tape or other fixings
  • Ensure all crockery, cutlery, and other kitchen utensils are washed, dried, put away, and all kitchen surfaces have been wiped down
  • Ensure the toilets are clean and all floors are swept. The kitchen often needs to be mopped, sometimes the entrance and toilets too. Don’t mop the wooden hall in the main hall, just wipe up any spillages with a damp cloth.
  • Ensure all rubbish is collected (including from the car park) and all waste taken home with you
  • Ensure all tables and chairs are returned to their original storage areas
  • Report any accidents or issues, with photos where possible - the Committee reserves the right to charge for any damage caused to the Hall, its contents or external areas as a result of your hire unless resulting solely from negligence on the part of the Committee
  • Let us know if any attendees test positive for Covid-19, or display symptoms of Covid-19 within 10 days of your event.
During Your Event

Ready to Book Your Event?


Email us at to double-check availability or call us on 01483 348 348 and then send us the completed Booking Form.

Covid-19 Information


The Committee of Busbridge Village Hall recognises the risk of Covid-19 and has taken several steps to comply with government regulations and protect people using our hall.


Though lockdown restrictions have ended, we continue to stress the importance of personal hygiene among visitors to protect themselves and others against the risks of Covid. For more about the steps we have taken to minimise Covid risk and what we expect of those who book our hall, please read our Covid-19 Risk Assessment.


If your event has to be cancelled due to new COVID restrictions, you will be able to rearrange the date free of charge, or receive a 100% refund.

Time Parties and
one-off events
Regular hirers
Weekdays Before 6pm £15/hour
Min 4 hours
Min 2 hours
6pm to 11:45pm £10/hour
Min 2 hours
Fridays Evening Parties £130
Saturdays 8am to 6pm £19/hour
Min 4 hours
Min 2 hours
6pm to 11:45pm £150 parties
£100 charity events
Sundays 9am to 6pm £19/hour
Min 4 hours
Min 2 Hours
6pm to 11:45pm £10/hour

It's Easy to Rent Busbridge Village Hall


No crazy online booking system with Passwords, Accounts and clicking fuzzy pictures of tractors!


  1. Check availability for the date(s) that might suit you. Our calendar shows confirmed bookings – spaces on hold are not shown so…

  2. Email or ring 01483 348 348 telling us what sort of event you are planning and your preferred date(s) and time(s). If it’s not held for someone else we can hold a space for you for a couple of days – handy to check availability of entertainers etc.

    We recommend you allow an hour before and after a party for setting up/clearing away, so for a 2 hour kid’s party with no stress, reserve the hall for 4 hours.

  3. Complete and send us the booking form and pay the hire charge when you are ready. You can send a photo or scan of the completed form by email. Your booking is now confirmed.

  4. If you want to visit the hall and facilities at any point to plan your event or check suitability, check our Availability Calendar and call or email us.

  5. There are some extra rules if you want to have a bouncy castle - please see the box below. If you plan to run a bar or sell alcohol, you must get a licence, which takes about a month.

  6. 2 weeks before your event, you’ll need to pay a deposit against damage & cleaning. This is £150 for daytime/non-alcoholic events, £300 for evening/alcoholic events.

  7. Collect the keys by arrangement about a day before your booking. Regular hirers (clubs and societies) keep a key for the whole season.

  8. Enjoy your party!

  9. Drop off the key with us and after we’ve checked the hall your deposit will be refunded in 3-4 days.

  10. Tell your friends and family what a great time you had, add a review on Google or Like us on Facebook!

   You'll Need to Bring


  • Tea towels, cloths & detergent for cleaning
  • Your own paper plates & party cutlery. We have glasses, mugs, side plates and some cutlery.

  • Some 20p and £1 coins for hot water and heating

   The Don'ts


  1. Drive any screws, nails, staples, pins or fixings into any part of the hall
  2. Use any candles, naked flames, sparklers or fireworks inside or outside
  3. Start a fire or barbecue anywhere within the grounds
  4. Use any bouncy castles indoors
  5. Don't forget to tell us if anything gets damaged

   The Do's


  • Look after the health & safety of all attendees and follow the Guidance for Hirers
  • You can use our kitchen and large fridge to store or prepare party food
  • You can decorate the hall with non-damaging fixings, ie tape or string. We have a stepladder you can use.
  • Enjoy live or recorded music at a sensible level that doesn't disturb local residents
  • Finish evening events by 11:45pm
  • Take party rubbish, especially recycling, home with you as we don’t have enough bins
Most Importantly- Have fun!

COVID-safe guarantee: If your event is cancelled due to new COVID restrictions, you can rearrange the date free of charge, or receive a 100% refund.